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Third Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Research 

In the third round of research that was released in November NFHS confirmed requirements for spacing as six feet for wind players and singers, with 6X9 spacing for trombones.  In Connecticut's Addendum 7, the recommended spacing was 12x12 feet for wind instruments and 6X9 for singers.  This has presented many challenges to performing ensemble programs, both instrumental and vocal in our state.  Irene Parisi, the CSDE Chief Academic Officer, has the research press release and a preview of the third round of the NFHS research study.  She is working with the Governor's Rules Subcommittee to review the final version of the study to be released in its final version at the end of this month.  Many school districts will begin to implement the new spacing requirements based on this new research. We will post any statements from the state as soon as we receive them.

The web address for the research is:


This presentation was given in February, 2021 to the Save the Music Foundation by Dr. James Weaver of the NFHS and forwarded from Jill Russel Benner in Danbury.  The slides present detailed information about the findings of the 3rd round of the aerosol studies.  On Slide 26, it explicitly recommends 6 foot spacing with exception of trombones (see below).  Findings from research for theatre is also summarized in the presentation. 

You can retrieve the Powerpoint by clicking here on the presentation deck from Dr. James Weaver’s presentation from dropbox.  This most recent presentation provides a valuable summary of the data. CSDE has not revised their recommendations for music during Covid, but we hope to have a decision from them in the near future.